About Thrilled

We are a design and technology company focused on helping YouTubers and other new media entertainers refine their brand and provide merchandise to their fans.

Jacob leads Thrilled, having previously co-founded Threadless.com, one of the earliest successful and innovative retail companies on the internet. Thrilled reunites Jacob with Joe, who most recently worked with Jacob at Picturelife.com, a cloud photo and video company. Ross, Thrilled's Creative Director, designed apparel and merchandise at Threadless for almost 10 years and is a an expert in his field. Robb combines a decade and a half of experience development, with a strong focus on user-centric design and a love for hacking pop culture as one half of Nerduo. UI Lead Susi has spent years working with industry leading brands, developing their identities and presence on the internet. Last but definitely not least, we have Generikb, professional YouTube gamer and personality, who advises us in our endeavors and helps us stay focused on providing the best tools and services for new media celebrities.

The Team

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Jacob DeHart

Chief Executive

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Robb e7b16fac43a06579f0fe0254db5439198fa8a7527769b7cbd1e776ca53fe858f

Robb Irrgang

Front End Director

Susi ad767dcafa43e1130f7d6e086848f03fdf32f7e8d45d120fee9733beca7cbcb6

Susi Machalski

UI Lead

Joe fa3e5b2bce88b1adbe38b929c056d31c7e82713c5f741e0099fd555bcdfc30d2

Joe Walsh

Chief Technology

Ross ff08d0eaf3d9bbbcaf230b13f2eccdde2bc7a1069f9c3a9dea5471cc8e9b6d41

Ross Zietz

Creative Director